What is a Letter of Recommendation in Sea of Thieves?

What is a Letter of Recommendation in Sea of Thieves?

You may have seen one of these in the Bilge Rats Black Market and wondered what they were. So just what the heck is a Letter of Recommendation? Well, here’s the answer you were looking for.

These are special items you may find in the reputation shops for each faction. And if it isn’t clear from the listing in the store, they have a very specific purpose.

When you’re grinding out standing with the various factions in the game through voyages and other tasks, there’s a level you need to achieve to unlock a certain tier of cosmetics and other rewards. Each faction is different and offers its own rewards got each level. So how do you get up in ranks quick? The answer is to us the Letter of Recommendation in Sea of Thieves.

What is a Letter of Recommendation in Sea of Thieves?

The letter will help in a few different ways, mostly relating to faction play. The letters are great for leveling up your reputation in a quick boost. The downside is that you can only get so many. A Letter of Recommendation gives the player one additional level of reputation. You can purchase a letter for each Trading Company except the Reaper’s Bones.  These will cost you 30 of those premium doubloons.

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There’s a new Letter of Recommendation for each faction, and there’s one each of the new content updates that comes out. This means that you’re locked to a certain number of easy boosts each patch. These are a decent way to jump up some levels. If you’re looking for an easy shortcut though, it’s not going to be as easy as buying your way to more faction rep. That’s because you’re essentially restricted to one letter per company, per month.

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