How to heal in Valheim


Valheim is a massive and complex RPG. You can travel all over the game world and explore some very interesting locales, all while looting rare items from the corpses of slain enemies. While doing battle with enemies, you will get injured. And sometimes, you will be facing down an enemy you can’t flee from. You might die if you don’t heal in Valheim effectively.

How to heal in Valheim

Most players just starting out in the game will think that eating food is the best way to heal. And they’re both right and wrong. Food like Raspberries, Deer Meat and other plentiful items can help help your wounds. Trouble is, there are more efficient ways to heal in the RPG. You will want to focus on Healing Potions when you can.

Healing Potions

Items like the Minor Health Potion are your go-to for when you need to heal in Valheim. You need to unlock the recipe and then assemble some parts. The Cauldron you need to make is made from Tin Ore. Smelt Tin Ore to get the recipe. Make the Fermenter recipe with a Cooking Pot. Then put the Cauldron in the Fermenter and you’re ready. Place the Cauldron assembly on a fire to begin brewing.

The basic form, the Minor Health Potion restores 3.3 health per second over the course of 30 seconds. It’s pretty helpful in early fights, but you will want to focus on more advanced recipes as time goes on.

You need the following items to make a Minor Health Potion:

  • 1 Mushroom
  • 1 Blueberry
  • 1 Dandelion

Food as a last resort

Healing with food items like cooked meat, mushrooms and berries is a stop-gap solution. Because healing potions and other items are hard to unlock and craft, early in the game, you will be relying on this stuff. But as enemies deal more damage, you need to focus on healing more effectively. You can consume meat, mushrooms and other items for a quick health boost, but it’s not sustainable. The healing effect from something like Raspberries or Boar meat is not instant as well, so it can’t be relied upon too much.

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You will have to constantly hunt for new fruits and animals to harvest food from if you’re too reliant on it. Still, it’s a good idea to have a small cache on hand. Certain items, like Mushrooms, are found more readily in dungeons. So when you’re out delving, be sure to grab a bunch as they won’t be as plentiful elsewhere. Mushrooms are useful for making Healing Potions too, so stock up.

when you do die, and it will happen, you will respawn at your bed. This is a good chance to check for new crafting materials and load up on supplies. You can use this time to craft healing potions and weapons to make the next leg of your journey easier.

Be sure to drop a Portal nearby your home if there isn’t one, as you will need to come back here for crafting regularly. Make sure to bring back advanced materials to upgrade your Workbench as well, this will allow you to get better weapons.

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