How to fast travel in Valheim

How to fast travel in Valheim

Valheim is a massive and complex RPG. You can travel all over the game world and explore some very interesting locales, all while looting rare items from the corpses of slain enemies. You will eventually have to go farther than you can get in a timely manner. You will need to use fast travel in Valheim to get over large distances.

Using the portals set into the game world, you can get around a bit, but you will need to reach more obscure locations at some point. Here’s what you need to do.

How to fast travel in Valheim

To fast travel in Valheim, you need to use Portals. A Portal is made from Fine Wood and a few other items, which you need to gather from specific trees in the game. You also need to gather a few other materials. Here’s what you need to use to build a portal:

  • 20 Fine Wood
  • 10 Greydwarf Eyes
  • 2 Surtling Core

The Greydwarf eyes are found in the black forest. This area is found early in the game, and is rich with various resources like Copper and Tin, as well as other plant-based items. When you’re moving through this area, first make a Bronze Axe. You will then need to use the axe to cut down Beech Trees. Beech Trees the primary source in this area for Fine Wood. The Surtling Core is a bit more involved. You will need to find a Swamp Biome and hunt down some Surtlings. Battle them until they drop the loot you need. The Greydwarf Eyes can be dropped from any enemy that has the Greydwarf name, so be on the lookout.

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Be sure to drop a Portal nearby your home if there isn’t one, as you will need to come back here for crafting regularly. Make sure to bring back advanced materials to upgrade your Workbench as well, this will allow you to get better weapons.

Once you have the resources, you can place a portal anywhere. Use that point, later on, to travel to any other portals you have placed. You can and should place more than once of these all throughout the game’s key areas.

You can create a portal in multiple locations all over Valheim. You will need to get past the first boss to make the first few tools. So get past Elkthyr, and you will get some copper ore.

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