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Square Enix is Publishing Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 has been in a bit of limbo recently. A lot of fans of the fast-paced zombie combat and exploration within the original Dying Light where wondering when the new game would make a show of it’s development progress. Last month, it was finally confirmed that the zombie title would be making an appearance at E3 2019, and now we know who developer Techland has partnered with to release said game.

Square Enix and Techland will be at E3 2019 next month to demo the game during the former’s presser at the gaming conference. The partnership was announced via the official Twitter belonging to Square Enix this past week. And now that leaves fans wondering about what to expect out of the sequel. Dying Light 2 producer Kornel Jaskula has spoken to the media, hinting that the new game will feature a lot more replayability potential compared to the previous game. For one thing, story and gameplay choices will apparently branch, offering players the chance to experience new twists and turns as the game unfolds.

John Heinecke, Square Enix’s Chief Marketing Officer, spoke highly of the project saying, “the game is setting up to be an innovative, ambitious project, and we believe players will be delighted with what they deliver. This game fits incredibly well into our portfolio, and we’re looking forward to showing more at E3.”

Square Enix has a pretty full docket this year for E3. There is of course the aforementioned Dying Light 2 earning a spot in the rotation. The zombie parkour sim is joined by extremely hyped titles like Final Fantasy 7 Remake, and the newly teased Avengers game. So all in all, gamers have a ton of variety and interesting new games to gawk at next month.

Dying Light 2 is in the works, with no release date yet, and plans to launch on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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