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Emperor Palpatine is coming back to Star Wars Battlefront II

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Launch Trailer

Palpatine’s behind it all! Or at least that’s the excuse Electronic Arts would wish they could use for the various missteps made in the development and launch of the controversial FPS Star Wars Battlefront II. After the game suffered immense backlash from it’s lootbox system, it was just one problem after another.

As time went on, things did get better, mostly through massive changes to said loot box system, as well as tons of themed content around Star Wars films new and old. The devs have also worked hard at patching a variety of visual bugs and performance issues. But they seemed to have messed up a bit when it came to introducing one particular character.

Emperor Palpatine was introduced to Star Wars Battlefront II earlier this year. And it was immediately apparent that the balance was an issue. Both major issues with Palpatine came from an OP amount of damage dealt by the character’s abilities, as well as bugs that allowed the character to hit other players through walls. As one could expect, that amount of balance-destroying power couldn’t be allowed to stand. The character was removed from the game on July 5.

And with the newly released August patch, Palpatine has had his damage adjusted, and the bugs with his targeting have been fixed. So let’s just hope that EA and DICE don’t make any more mistakes with the game going forward.

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