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Old Halo Stats, Screenshots and More are Going Away in February


Bungie has announced that they will be removing the entire Halo archive from their online infrastructure next month. That means all the files, edited content, match stats and more for these older games will be gone for good. It’s bad news but it feels like it was coming eventually.

Detailed as part of the studio’s weekly update blog post, Bungie explained that the stats portion of will be purged. This includes player stats, screenshots and other content for Halo 2, Halo 3, ODST, and Reach. These will all be deleted, meaning that those match stats will be gone when the change happens. The change for old Halo stats is scheduled for Feb. 9. After that, the website will be shut down and taken offline.

So while it sucks to see this happen, it was bound to occur at some point. There’s been a pretty fallow ground for these older games for the last decade. The entire website for this stuff did basically not get updates in the last nine years. It makes sense that this kind of thing would happen to make room for other stuff on the servers, and to save money.

So as of now, players will have until February 9 to archive their stats and files if they want to. It’s important to note that these closures only apply to player data; the blogs, news articles, forums and other stuff will still be there if you want it for some reason.

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