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EVE Online Weekly: April 4, 2015

EVE Online Structures

In this week’s update, we have several videos from the incredible Hendrick Tallardar, as well as a short writeup on upcoming SOV changes, and the ongoing Delve conflict.

This week saw CCP announce the coming changes to EVE due out in April.

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Battlecruiser Warp Speed Changes –….

Tech 3 Destroyer Balance Tweeks –….

Garage Door Cyno Removal –….

Null sec SOV and politics in general have been quite a fiasco over the last month. The war in Delve between the defacto coalition of N3 and Black Legion, against the CFC and it’s allies has been complicated and rather destructive.  The CFC has been using it’s numbers and super capital prowess to inflict large numbers of losses on their enemies.  They scored the first real system change in the offensive, by taking the system of T5ZI-S in Delve.  Darkness. held the system previously.  The system acts as a potential chokepoint in Delve between Fountain and one of the links in Delve to Querious.  The system lacks station services however, so the potential to stage large numbers of assets for operations behind N3’s lines will be limited.

In relation to the Delve conflict, is the evac of HERO coalition from Catch.  Due to poor planning by the group’s leadership the evac changed staging systems from Sakht, to Efu, before finally settling in Defsunun.  The activity for HERO has largely been focused on getting logistics and industry chains set up within the area.  To that end, several POCOs on high value planets in the area have been put into RF by HERO forces.  This operation serves a dual purpose attempt to generate ISK, as well as control PI costs for the individual pilots of the coalition.

The resulting abandonment has seen several systems within Catch fall, mostly to Against All Authorities and Pandemic Legion, with a few other systems being targeted and taken by random entities seizing upon targets of opportunity.

The region of Wicked Creek and the surrounding area have also been a hotbed of nullsec warfare and politics.  The move of TEST to the area has prompted a lot of speculation and tension among the groups living there.  It has also become a bit of a catalyst for fallouts between alliances and their leadership in some cases.  The most explosive of which is the situation involving Roweeena Azur and the leadership within Almost Awesome. and it’s allies.  Roweena Azur apparently has a rather toxic temperament, and many people are getting fed up with it. The resulting shuffling of allegiances and SOV has placed the stability of the region further into question.  Infighting among the various groups is seemingly more common than ever.  A few systems have changed hands and skirmishes do occur, but nothing major has developed as of yet.

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A well-done writeup on the overall situation with TEST, RANE, and Almost Awesome. can be found here.

There final major engagement for this piece occurred in the region of Etherium Reach.  An area previously controlled by the rental wing of Total Absolution, who decided previously that holding themselves to a rental empire wasn’t working out and abandoned active defense.  Effectively handing defense and management of the region to xXDEATHXx.  this has culminated in various alliances and coalitions vying for holdings in the region.  A flash in the pan style conflict broke out between multiple entities earlier in the week.  In which more than 600 pilots from all around the local area engaged one another across multiple systems.  The end result saw more than 90 Billion ISK in assets destroyed.  Even with the quick nature of this fight.  Attempts by Triumvirate and other entities to fill the power vacuum will likely result in more fights in the near future.

For further information on null sec chicanery in the month of March, watch Hendrick Tallardar’s Nullsec Recap for the month.

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