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Team17 will reveal two new unannounced games at E3 2019


E3 2019 is already going be a smorgasbord of new and exciting games, and plenty of indie developers are getting in on the hype train as well. One of these developers is Team17, the quirky bunch behind the excellent and addictive Overcooked! franchise. The bunch of fine folks took to the internet to announce two new projects set to reveal next week at E3 2019.

Fans have been excited about what these two new games could be. There’s speculation that a new Worms may be in the works, which is the legendary strategy title series that Team17 cut their teeth on. Many are also hopeful for another Overcooked entry. Although the latter is somewhat unlikely that a full new game would come out so soon after the first two games. Still, both of these games were very popular, so anything could happen.

The company is also actively working on Automachef, a puzzle-based game about running a food production facility as efficiently as possible. The simple premise of cooking a BLT sandwich becomes a maddening exercise in having to manage a labyrinthine mess of conveyor belts and robot arms. And it’s a surprisingly fun experience even as it gets more complex.

But not content with just announcing the prospect of new games, Team17 also had a new trailer for one of their games to show off. This trailer is for the upcoming Early Access launch of their newest game, Hell Let Loose. You can check out the trailer for this game down below. Hell Let Loose is set to land of Steam’s Early Access program on June 6th.

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