How to get Crystals in Valheim

How to get Crystals in Valheim

The new Hearth and Home update just landed, and has added a bunch of new stuff to Valheim. You can use the new gear, armor and weapons to take on vicious new bosses. And of course, there’s tons of new stuff to make. Along with all the new weapons and tools, there’s some quite sinister stuff as well. The Bone Tower Shield in Valheim is one of the more intimidating elements of the new patch. Plenty of other items have been added that use rare materials.

To make some of the best gear though, you need Crystals in Valheim.

How to get Crystals in Valheim

These biomes are the same place you want to visit when hunting silver and other rare drops. There are a few things you need to do to prepare for this. The icey environs aren’t the easiest thing to tackle. To get crystals in Valheim, you will need to hunt Stone Golems, These are most often found in Mountain Biomes. These are some of the most dangerous places, and you need to bring the right gear to survive.

These items can help with that. Gather these up and get ready for both the dangerous attacks and climate:

  • Wolf armor
  • Wolf fur cape
  • Lox cape
  • Frost Mead
  • a good set of armor
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On the front of the armor, you want iron armor at a minimum. The cheapest armors are not going to stand up to enemy attacks in these biomes. Farming the Golems and Ice Drakes can give you plenty of armor pieces and rare drops. When fighting these enemies, be on point with dodges and parries. You need to dodge attacks as they are very damaging.

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