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Radical Heights lost most of its players in just 2 weeks

Radical Heights Game

Radical Heights has only just come out into Steam Early Access, but it already has problems with player retention and engagement. Even with a quirky look and interesting building mechanics, it doesn’t seem to be enough for players to keep in the game.

Peaking with 12.5k players at #21 during its second day on Steam, Radical Heights has since lost 82% of its players, dropping to a peak of only 2.2k players yesterday.

Battle Royale games are dominant in the gaming market right now, so much so that many games are including custom modes that mimic the trend. So it’s pretty natural that there would be some failed attempts at trying to replicate the success of games like PUBG and Fortnite.

And it looks like the latest casualty of over-saturation is Boss Key Productions’ Radical Heights. Despite its initial success during launch, with more than 12,000 players, Radical Heights seems to have hit a major wall. It appears as though the novelty has worn off as new players quickly left the game for whatever reason. And despite the unique retro aesthetic that Boss Key was hoping would maintain interest, most players seem to have lost said interest.

And while these figures aren’t promising, Boss Key won’t be giving in so easily. They’ve faced similar issues with Lawbreakers and are probably working hard to avoid the same mistakes with Radical Heights. Although the issues players are reporting with glitches and similar problems

Radical Heights is available now for PC.


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