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Silver Chains is a creepy new horror game from Cracked Heads Games

Silver Chains Trailer

Cracked Heads Games have announced their newest game, Silver Chains, with a creepy first-person trailer.

Silver Chains is a horror game with a first-person perspective that takes place in a dark and eerie English manor. As you maneuver your way through the manor, solving plenty of puzzles, you’re under a timer. That timer comes in the form of a mysterious and dangerous monster whose stalking you. And don’t think you’ll  be able to fight your way out, your only chance to survive an encounter with said monster is to run and hide as fast as possible.

The game places a strong emphasis on narrative and exploration, so you’ll want to spend time crawling into every dark nook and cranny to find all the game’s secrets. It all sounds pretty fun, if you’re into being scared out of your mind.

Silver Chains will launch for PS4, PC, Switch, and Xbox One in spring 2019. Check out the trailer for this new game down below.

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