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How to preorder the PlayStation 5

Every game revealed during the PlayStation 5 event

Sony has finally revealed the PS5. The new PlayStation 5 has a massive library of games already, with more than a dozen already announced today. Including a full remaster of the classic Demon’s Souls. With the bunch of cool new games and sequels, players should be really excited to get their hands on the new console. The PlayStation 5 set to launch sometime during Holiday 2020. So when it does get closer to launch, people will be rushing to order one.

So where do you pre-order the PS5? You can go to your local game store sometime in the future and put down a pre-order. Be sure to check their website or call ahead to make sure they’re taking pre-orders for the console first. If you want it shipped to you on launch day, you can also order one directly from Sony

Head to  Sony’s website and place your order when it goes live. This saves time in having to wait for a retailer to process and ship your order, so it might be the best option. The pre-orders are not live at the moment, but Sony will allow you to sign up for a newsletter that will e-mail you when it is on that same website.

Keep in mind that there will likely be shortages at launch, and pre-orders could even be cancelled if Sony can’t hit demand for some users. Don’t be surprised if this happens, although hopefully it doesn’t.

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Sony also announced two variants of the PlayStation 5, each with the same basic components. The two versions of the console will offer the same basic gameplay experience, with one major difference. Borrowing from the Xbox One S, Sony is opting to offer a version of the PS5 without a disc drive. There is one with a disc drive, but if you don’t need to worry about internet speed or data caps, the digital-only variant could be for you. Digital distribution is the future after all.

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