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Warface Breakout launches, bringing new tactical shooter action

Does Warface Breakout support crossplay?

Warface Breakout is the new Crytek offshoot from the iconic Warface series of video games. The game just launched on both the PS4 and Xbox One. At the moment, there has been no talk of bringing the game to PC, so we will just have to wait and see if that happens.

Warface Breakout allows you to play as two factions, Wardens and Reapers. Each one has their own unique theme. There are five maps in the game right now. Each one also offers a different setting and layout. Players will find that each one has its own layout differences that are meant to funnel conflict. It’s all very intentionally designed for competitive play. Being that this is a multiplayer shooter, that’s expected.

Warface Breakout does not support crossplay, which is kind of sad. The game is also not free-to-play. Although the $20 price tag isn’t so bad. So if you’re looking for a new shooter, this may be it. To figure out if this kind of game is for you, check out the new trailer for Warface Breakout down below.

The game also features a hoard of 30 different weapons with a bunch of options for players to use when dealing out death and destruction. With five different maps, and more on the way, Crytek is clearly planning big things for this title.  The game draws heavy inspiration from titles such as Counter-Strike, so there could be a big Esports push in its future.

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