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Blair Witch will not be coming to GOG at launch, pre-orders refunded

Blair Witch

GOG has some bad news for those looking forward to the Blair Witch game. It turns out that the horror title is not coming to GOG on launch, at least not for now. The company broke the news this week that the game is, for some reason, not coming to GOG as a DRM-free version.

As GOG stated:

“We regret to inform you that the DRM-free version of Blair Witch won’t be released on GOG.COM on the global release day. We expect it to be available later in 2019. As such, we’re refunding your pre-order purchase of the game. The refund will be issued within the next couple of days to the original payment method.”

Blair Witch is being made by Bloober Team, who were behind the excellently spooky Layers of Fear series. Of course it’s based on the iconic The Blair Witch Project film from 1999. Said film got multiple offshoots and remakes over the years, with none quite capturing the realistic and immersive feel of the original work. Let’s hope that Boober Team fairs a bit better.

The story echoes elements of the source material while also offering something new, so it’s a good start.

You journey into the infamous Black Hills Forest in search of a missing boy, accompanied by a doggy companion. Yes I know, dog in a horror setting, better prepare yourself. The doggo is actually an integral part of the gamplay, as his body language will alert the player to nearby dangers. And since this is the first Boober Team horror title with combat, you’ll want to keep an eye on that.

You can see more of the game in the trailer down below. At the very least, the game is still listed for an August 30th release on its official Steam store page. According to GOG, the game will come to their platform sometime later in 2019.

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