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Does Warface Breakout support crossplay?

Does Warface Breakout support crossplay?

Warface Breakout is here. The latest game in the Warface franchise from legendary developer Crytek has evolved the tactical shooter. Fans will find plenty of new elements. The new weapons and maps offer a new set of metagame constraints to experiment with. The game is inspired by Counter-Strike, but according to the developers, it has taken pains to get the game to work best with consoles.

Warface Breakout is out now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, leaving a simple question. Folks want to know if they can play with their friends regardless of platform. As of now, there’s no cross-platform play in the game. That means you’re stuck playing with folks on the same console as you. Crytek has not said if they will add such a function in the future. Patches will certainly bring new maps and weapons, but crossplay is no certainty.

Warface Breakout allows you to play as two factions, Wardens and Reapers. There are five maps in the game right now. Each one offers its own theme and layout. Players will find that each one has its own layout differences that are meant to funnel conflict. It’s all very intentionally designed for competitive play.

  • Storage: A classic, two-lane map with both sides dotted by manufacturing buildings
  • City: An open skyscraper’s rooftop styled in a more sci-fi setting, complete with future tech
  • Sandstorm: A sandstorm-ravaged desert area. Set in Egypt as you battle over the research
  • Oasis: A gorgeous, Eastern-style palace that conceals a maze of corridors
  • Facility: A huge network of corridors all centered around a unique facility
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All of these maps bring a new futuristic theme to the Warfrace franchise, and it’s nice to see the developers taking risks with map themes and design. But what’s not so risky is the classic design of the actual gunplay. As a competitive shooter, there’s a major focus on weapon balance in Warface Breakout. With more than 30 weapons in the game, there’s plenty of options for destruction and dealing death.

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