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Metro Exodus Trailer Brings Hope in 2018

Metro Exodus Gameplay

The Metro series has long been a source of particularly shocking realism and nastiness. Its mix of FPS and horror game elements blended with stunning visuals gave the game a hardcore and devoted fanbase. In 2018, those fans will finally leave the gritty subways and frozen wastes of Moscow behind.

4A Games released a slow and subtle teaser at The Game Awards that showed us a little bit of what we can expect.

The voice-over implores the character to let the outside world go because the world as they knew it is “dying.” Plus, if there was anyone out there to find, Artyom would have found them already. But despite this warning, Artyom carries on, trudging through the ice and snow, continuing to brave the harsh elements.

As expected, he finds chaos and mutants. At some points Artyom has to shoot his way out, in others tense scenes stealth is the only way to survive.

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The trailer ends with a scene of the train Artyom is riding seemingly under attack from an unknown enemy. Fans will just have to wait until release to see how that particular conflict plays out.

Even with the mutated chaos we saw in the trailer, there are some concerns over things like DLC. 4A Games has confirmed that its game won’t have any platform exclusive DLC, but what DLC will the game get, if any at all? And how many other enemy types can fans expect to encounter, besides the mutant mutts and the foes featured in the announcement footage?

Metro Exodus will be released in fall 2018 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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