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Valorant release date announced, coming soon

When is the Valorant release date?

Good news Everyone! Riot Games has finally announced when Valorant will push out its first full version. And in even better news, the Valorant release date is actually very soon indeed. The Valorant team has been making good time on getting the game working and ready for primetime. And it looks like gamers are pretty excited about it. So it would seem that folks are really excited to know when the Valorant release date actually is.

The news comes to us via Twitter, from Valorant executive producer Anna Donlon and director Joe Ziegler. It’s all played really coy, and it’s frankly the exact tone one would expect from Riot. This studio loves to tease its fans relentlessly. The reveal talks about future plans that the company has for the game. They also say that the team is aiming to have the game out by this Summer.

So when is the Valorant release date? Simple, the game comes out on June 2. So it looks like the developers have been working really hard to get this game out the door on time. This is good news for fans, and I hope they’re not being pushed too hard. In an era of remote work thanks to the ongoing pandemic, delays are far too common. At least Valorant didn’t suffer the same fate as Kerbal Space Program 2, which got delayed this week.

Valorant  is ready to rumble

Riot has been working very hard on this game, and they obviously hope it is successful. The effort poured into the new shooter can hopefully pay off for years, at least that’s how Riot sees it. Donlon and Ziegler discussed a bit about the long-term goals for this game, and it’s clear that the passion is there. And it’s also clear that the team is taking a very conservative approach to balance.

With all of the different weapons in Valorant, as well as the growing cast of heroes, there are a lot of moving parts. And it’s going to be very hard to keep it all fair and fun. Bugs are also a major consideration. Riot clearly wants this game to feature highly in Esports, so having game-breaking bugs won’t do. Which explains the $100,000 bug bounty for the game. Riot Games took the time to run the game through various regional tests in the recent closed beta, which helps too.

The developers are taking all of the backend logs, player feedback and other feedback into consideration when making the game. A rather long blog post explains how they have examined the data and what concerns can crop up. Players should rest assured, Riot is listening and paying attention. The aggressive anti-cheat should also help cut down on that all too common complaint in online games.

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