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Final Fantasy XV and Final Fantasy XIV announced new crossover project

Final Fantasy XIV and XV Crossover

During Square Enix’s worldwide Final Fantasy XV broadcast, the company announced that a new Final Fantasy XIV quest will be added into XV. The update will land on December 12 in North America as well as Europe, and December 13 in Japan.

As far as content, it’s very similar to the recent crossover event between the game and Terra Wars, complete with a new quest which has special rewards. In this new quest called “Adventurer from Another World,” players meet up with a Miqo’te girl named Y’jhimei who pleads with Noctis and his friends for help fighting a powerful new evil. In case you’re wondering, that evil is Garuda The Howling Eye boss from the MMO. Just like the last crossover, you need to have progressed part-way through the storyline to unlock this quest.

If you complete the quest you’ll be rewarded with the following costumes:

  • Noctis – “Glamour Prism: Miqo’te”
  • Ignis – “Glamour Prism: Elezen”
  • Gladiolus – “Glamour Prism: Roegadyn”
  • Prompto – “Glamour Prism: Hyur”
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The trailer for this collab is down below, and it looks pretty cool. You can check out the full livestream below. If you still haven’t picked up Final Fantasy XV, which is available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, you can still do so on Amazon.

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