How to Get the Chain Chomp’s Bone in Paper Mario The Origami King

How to get the Chain Chomp’s Bone in Paper Mario The Origami King

When you get into one area of the game, there’s a bunch of ninjas around. The town is beset with problems, and Mario has to solve them. At one point, you’re kind of stuck though. There’s a giant angry Chain Chomp that’s blocking off the path to the east. And since there’s a bunch of steps to actually get that sucker out of the way, we needed to get a guide going. So here’s how to get the Chain Chomp’s Bone in Paper Mario The Origami King.

Get the Straw

To get into the process, you need to unlock and trade multiple items. The first thing you need to get is some Used Straw from a Shy Guy. Start at the Shogun Studio’s entrance and head down the road toward the four-way intersection. From that intersection head to the right until you see a set of double doors heading north to south. Head south and keep going, there will be a cafe on the left side. In the back of that building is a Shy Guy that you’re looking for. Speak to him to get the Used Straw. You will need the Royalty Pass to get the chest nearby open.

Get the Straw for the Chain Chomp’s Bone

Trade Straw for the Shuriken

Now that you have the Used Straw, it’s time to head back the way you came for the next step. Head back to that four-way intersection and this time head north instead. Go north until you ready the castle bridge that’s right by the Save Block. Some Snifts will ambush you and you have to fight them off. After that, you will see an NPC with a Shuriken by the pond. Talk to him and he will trade the Used Straw for the Shuriken.

From here, you need to head to the Staff Room nearby. Start outside the Ninja Garden, nearby you will find a few fake paper shrubs. There is a small secret door hidden in the wall here. Head through the door to find that the key is missing and you need to get it back so they can get back into the castle. Once you’re done talking, open up the locker in the back left corner to free the Shuriken Dojo owner.  Make sure to smash down the stuff on the right side of the road to free the Paper Macho Goomba Mouth, and also get the Toad out of the picture frame on the left.

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Win the Baseball

And here comes the most annoying part of all of this. After you have freed the Dojo owner, go back to that castle bridge past the intersection and you will see a shuriken on a sign pointing down an alleyway to your left. Follow this until you reach the Shuriken Dojo, head inside, and speak to the owner. Follow the instructions to begin working with the mini-game around the Shurikens.

To get the Baseball, you need to score 21 points exactly. It’s similar to darts, so take some time and practice first. The best way to do it is to aim for the blue negative point signs to keep your score low, and use your throws to balance it by scoring positive points. If you manage to get the 21 points, you get the final item you need to wrap this up. Also, earning over 80 points in Expert mode will earn you the Paper Macho Koopa Troopa.

Trade the Baseball for the Bone

You’re almost done, as it’s time to finally get the Chain Chomp’s Bone in Paper Mario The Origami King. Head back to that same intersection again and head north until you find the three homes clustered together. The goal is the first door on the left. Head through and you will find two Dry Bones messing with each other. Speak to the Dry Bone closest to the door and trade your baseball for the bone. Now go back to the Chain Chomp and put the Bone in the bowl. There you’re all done! Additionally, you’ll earn a Maximum Health increase of 20 for all of that work.

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