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Black Desert Online Drieghan Zone update is live

Black Desert Xbox One Beta Starts Soon

This past week BDO players finally got a new expansion they’ve been waiting for after quite the long wait. The Drieghan patch adds plenty of new content, even a new zone, into the already massive MMO that is Black Desert Online.

The big additions this time around center around the new region of Dreighan and it’s new content, including a massive new boss called Garmoth. Powerful adventurers can take on Garmoth to try and earn some special rewards that give them an edge against the competition. There’s even a special event around hunting a massive turkey by the name of King Targargo.

There’s tons of new items and mobs too. New Black Energy sources, various types of Crystals like Hazed Crystals and stat-increasing Sockets are being added with this patch to allow players more gear improvement options. There’s also a new Arcane armour and weapon set that players can craft. New Recipes for some new food items like the Cron Special and Dreigan Special are on the menu as well.

Those also participating in the Celebrating Millions event will find part three available which only asks one thing: play 100 consecutive minutes. Doing so will see a nice packet of rewards offered that includes the Blessed Message Scroll that provides 200% bonus combat XP and a 30% Skill XP boost.

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The Xbox One version of BDO is incoming, it just wrapped up it’s latest Beta test on the 12th of November. The Beta included the main classes that will be part of the console launch, those classes are Berserker, Ranger, Sorceress, Warrior, Witch and Wizard.

Check out the overview trailer for the Drieghan Zone update down below.

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