Destiny 2 First In, Last Out Guide – How To Get It And Best Rolls

Destiny 2 First In, Last Out Guide – How To Get It And Best Rolls

Beyond Light is coming to Destiny 2 this fall. And with all of the content coming and going, some players are going back and looking for some new gear. The First In, Last Out slug shotgun is one of these weapons that players are rushing to get as it packs quite a punch. There are tons of other weapons in the class, and this is maybe not one of the most OP, but it does have its uses.

Bungie has brought the shotgun back as part of the new Exodus-Focused Umbral Engrams. They also gave the gun a noticeable increase in power.

The First In, Last Out slug shotgun can be used in pretty much any situation, with the right setup. Assuming you can get in close, you will have no trouble in PvE or PvP with this weapon. But first, let’s talk about how to actually get the weapon in Destiny 2.

How to Get First In, Last Out

First In, Last Out first needs completion of the Exodus: Preparation quest that’s given out by Zavala at The Tower. You just have to deal with Weekly Bounties to fulfill the objective, so it’s fairly easy. You will get one Exodus-Focused Umbral Engram for doing a Weekly Bounty on Titan, Io, Mars, and Mercury.

Once you have the setup ready, it’s time to start farming. You will want to focus on getting the Exodus-Focused Umbral Engrams, CQC-Focused Umbral Engrams, and Assassin-Focused Umbral Engram. You can get this shotgun from either the normal Exodus-Focused or CQC Umbral Engrams. It’s generally considered better to go after the latter version as you also have a shot at other solid weapons like the Ikelos SMG.

Now it’s time to talk about the best rolls on First In, Last Out for PvE and PvP.

Destiny 2 First In, Last Out Best Rolls for PvE

  • Small Bore or Hammer-Forged Rifling
  • Assault Mag
  • Auto-Loading Holster
  • Vorpal Weapon or Surrounded
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The PvE focus for this weapon is a simple but effective setup. It’s a good idea to focus on accuracy buffs to reduce the spread of your shots, making DPS more effective. Small Bore and Hammer-Forged Rifling can also help when boosting range with the weapon, giving you better application at a longer range. This is really useful in Raids when you might want to avoid getting too close to some enemies.

As for general boosts, Assault Mag is the best raw DPS boost you can get for this gun. Appended Mag is a nice alternative if you’re after more ammo.

Auto-Loading Holster is one for the better core perks for this setup. This will really speed up the time it takes to DPS down an enemy with this weapon. It also makes it really simple to swap around from the shotgun to your heavy after emptying the mag. Vorpal Weapon is a decent secondary perk to have available as well. You can go for other choices if you like.

Destiny 2 First In, Last Out Best Rolls for PvP

  • Full Bore
  • Acurized Rounds
  • Slideshot
  • Opening Shot

PvP in this game is all about hitting your target first and fast, so you need range. Both Acurized Rounds and Full Bore will give you such a range boost that they’re basically the only choices here. PvP is really hard without a longer range weapon. Slideshot also offers a slight increase in this area while also speeding up reloading times, which are vital for dealing with a bunch of enemies. Opening Shot makes that easier by boosting accuracy as well.

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