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Warframe’s Heart of Deimos Release Date

Heart of Deimos

Heart of Deimos, Warframe’s upcoming expansion, will bring something new and something old back into the fold. The release date for the expansion has been revealed, as well as details about the mechanics at play. The expansion will land on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch, on August 25.

Heart of Deimos will bring with it a third open-world planet for players to explore. Expect that this new planet will now cover the Infested, the mutant equivalent of the Flood in Warframe. These nasty buggers are no joke, and many players will be shocked by how the Origin systems change when the expansion goes live. The planet Deimos has returned to the fold, and brought with it new lore concerning the Infested, and the remains of the societies they destroyed. The new lore concerns the Entrati and their attempts to deal with the threat, which they obviously failed in.

The new planet will focus on a new open-world area as a node on the Star Chart. That node will likely operate very similarly to the Plains of Eidolon or Orb Valis, with a main hub and new factions to grind out rep with. But that’s not all that has been prepared for the expansion. Heart of Deimos will also include mechanics that will allow players to sacrifice Warframes in that Infested room on the Orbiter. This will allow players to do something quite creative. You will now be able to switch the base abilities from one Warframe to another, something that has never been an option.

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But to unlock this power, you will need to contend with new enemies like the vicious Necramechs. These and other terrors that prowl the surface of the new world will bring ruin to those that don’t come prepared. The surface of Deimos hides other secrets as well. There are new versions of the skateboard-like K-Drive, Velocipods that can be ridden.

The first of the new batch of Warframes have also been revealed with the impending launch of Xaku, Alchemist, and Wraithe Warframes.

The game’s next Warframe has also been revealed. Xaku, the Broken Frame, is fused together from pieces of three different Warframes, wielding the power of the Void. You will be putting them back together when the expansion arrives on August 25.

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