Can you play Deep Rock Galactic in splitscreen?

Deep Rock Galactic Basics

Deep Rock Galactic is a strange little game. By taking on the role of space dwarves, your goal is to fight aliens and get rich. In terms of indie FPS games, the mix of space mining and multiplayer chaos is a potent mix. But what if you want to play with your friends? That approach of multiplayer is key to getting folks to play your game in this title, so let’s talk about that. One thing that people seem to be complaining about is that they can’t find a way to play co-op offline.

Can you play Deep Rock Galactic in splitscreen?

Deep Rock Galactic is a multiplayer mining game, so it’s meant to be played with friends. But it would seem that the days of couch co-op are a thing of the past. Despite some games trying to keep these nostalgic times alive, this game isn’t one of them. Yes, if you try to start a lobby in Deep Rock Galactic, you’ll find that there’s no option to add an offline co-op partner. That cuts out the option without an external workaround. There’s no way to play Deep Rock Galactic in splitscreen because the game doesn’t support the feature. The only way to play with your friends is to get online and play via Steam groups or other solutions.

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However, PC gamers have a solution. You can use certain apps to get Deep Rock Galactic to display two players on the same screen. Apps like Nucleus Co-Op is a free open-source tool  that does just this. This won’t allow console players to do couch co-op, but at least it’s something.

You might have other questions as well, so we’re going to cover some common stuff that gets asked. If you want to learn the Deep Rock Galactic controls, we’ve got you covered. Also, there’s that new-fangled perks system that you might be having trouble with. And if you have that annoying player in your group, you can easily mute them.

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