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Death Stranding and Cyberpunk 2077 get cross-over adding new items and quests.

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Kojima Productions has announced a new cross-over with their latest game and the nightmare of Night City that is Cyberpunk 2077. Yes, that means Death Stranding has some new stuff to do. There will be new items and missions added to the PC version of the game via a new patch. The announcement was made on Twitter, revealing some new details about the new release. Check out that tweet below. The patch will be deployed to both Steam and EGS for Death Stranding.

Cosmetic items from Cyberpunk are also making their debut. You can deck yourself out with Johnny Silverhand’s iconic shades, as well as his prosthetic arm. Sam can also attach cyberware onto his own face, giving him a much more unique look. But that’s not all. . Death Stranding PC players will get a Cyberpunk-inspired bike as well that replaces the default look, and there’s more cosmetics in store as well.

Players will get a variety of themed items added to the PC version of Death Stranding. The gameplay is getting the addition of hacking to short-circuit enemy weapons and ping the map for enemy locations. There will also be some new weapons and items that can be used in combat. The addition of Junny Silverhand’s own cybernetic arm adds more content funs as well as players can get into melee combat with more prowess now. You have a whole new arsenal, and a bunch more options now.

Aside from all the minor gameplay stuff, there are new missions as well. Players will have a suite of new courier tasks to complete to find cosmetic and lore items within the world of Death Stranding. Sam will have to trek around bast BTs and human snatchers to get these various items, and there looks to be about 5 new missions. So you can get a fair amount of new content for a couple of hours while finding the new items. And all the while you get to interact with bits of lore and characters from Cyberpunk 2077.

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