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FortnitexBatman crossover kicks into action, bringing new items

ForniteXBatman Crossover Details

With the international day of nerdom that is Batman Day over and done with this past weekend, some people still want to get in on celebrating the legendary caped crusader and DC Comics in general, luckily we still have some fun stuff to tool around with. Thanks to Epic and their mega-hit Fortnite, a new Batman-themed event is running for a couple more weeks that offers a chance to collect some awesome gear and skins styled after the DC franchise. And if you’re into the battle royale phenomenon and DC Comics, today is your lucky day, as it turns out those leaks from earlier this year were true, and a crossover event is happening.

To celebrate the 80th anniversary of the comic hero, Epic is pulling out all of the stops. Not only are we getting in-game events for their major title, but we can get some free games too. The Batman: Arkham Collection and the LEGO Batman Trilogy are currently free on the Epic Games store, for those that want to grab these great video games. But that’s not all, as the battle royale titan leading Epic’s bottom line growth is getting some cool stuff as well.

As far as the event goes, there’s some special content as well that players can unlock. The Batman Comic Book Outfit and The Dark Knight Movie Outfit headline as two collectible skins for gamers to grab, both styled after different looks that the iconic superhero has donned over the years. The map in Fortnite is also changing, with a new Rift Zone spawning on the map styled after the legendary city of Gotham. Within that new zone, the Glider Redeploy ability will allow players to glide around and stalk their prey, just like Bruce Wayne seems to love to do. The Batman Grapnel Gun and Explosive Batarang have been added to the expanding arsenal of in-game items in Fortnite too.  The Explosive Batarang is a homing projectile, which can also double as a proximity mine for an impromptu trap device. The Batman Grapnel Gun meanwhile offers another layer of mobility to the game, which makes zipping around a lot more fun.

Fortnite is out now, with both paid and free-to-play options, for iOS, Android, Xbox One, PC, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. The FortnitexBatman crossover event lasts in-game until October 6th. If you’re curious about said new crossover event, check out the trailer below to learn more. And if you want, go check out the full details on the Epic site.

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