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War Thunder goes Free-To-Play on Xbox One

War Thunder Masters of the Seas launches alongside Xbox One F2p debut

War Thunder has gone fully free-to-play on Xbox One with it’s latest update.

With over 80 maps and more than 1000 vehicles, there’s a huge amount of variety in each match, and with the playerbase being incredibly strategic and creative, there’s always more fun to be had trying to devise new tactics in each match. The mix of aerial, naval and ground combat makes the game even more engaging as it allows to experience the combat in War Thunder from every angle.

The game used to list a ton of Early Access Bundles that included vehicles, in-game credits and other goodies.  There’s now a ton of paid starter packs and other DLC for the game with vehicles and war supplies for players to enjoy. But the base game has now been made totally free.

The game also received a new 1.83 patch to coincide with the release of the F2P Xbox One version. This update expands on the groundwork from the 1.81 “Valkyries” update, by adding new Helicopters, ground vehicles and other goodies for players to destroy endlessly.

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The “Masters of the Seas” update also brings in a load of bugfixes and balance changes to the game.


  • Dozens of new Naval forces have been added to the game.
  • New naval locations have also been introduced.
  • A ton of new aircraft models and effects have been added or update.
  • Achievements for naval  vessels have been added.
  • Battle tasks for naval vessels have been added.
  • U.S, Soviet and German helicopters are now available for research.
  • Performance has been improved via a new file compression algorithm which reduces load times.
  • And much, much more. . .

To see the full patch notes, head over to the War Thunder site.


War Thunder is available now on PC, Mac, Linux, PS4 and Xbox One.

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