World of Warships Enters Closed Beta


After years of closely-guarded development, World of Warships has finally exited alpha testing today. With the start of the closed beta, the NDA has also been mostly lifted (what happens in alpha stays in alpha), allowing budding YouTubers and streamers everywhere to showcase the game to the general public.

Currently available tech trees include destroyers and cruisers for both the Imperial Japanese and US navies, aircraft carriers for the USN, and battleships for the Japanese. The Imperial Russian and later Soviet protected cruiser Aurora is also available, being of enormous historical significance to Wargaming’s home audience, and just a pretty ship in general. Although the Royal Navy hasn’t arrived yet, fear not; it will certainly be included.

Although the interface and basic game elements should be familiar to any World of Tanks or World of Warplanes players, World of Warships is a distinct game with rather more complex relationships between ship classes and a much more deliberate pace of play. The nature of handling a ship that displaces anywhere from 1,500 to 70,000 tons means that driving isn’t quite as simple as in WoT, and turns need to be planned ahead of time; battleships also struggle to reposition once committed to a flank, so more thought needs to be put into your initial move. Learning to handle your ship is incredibly rewarding. Detonating an enemy battleship’s magazine with your opening salvo from 20km away is absolutely magical, as is a well-planned torpedo ambush in a destroyer.

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