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Warframe The Jovian Concord detailed for PC

Warframe Jovian Concord

The newest content drop for free-to-play shooter Warframe is on the way, due out for PC next week as a free update. The new update, titled The Jovian Concord, allows players to take advantage of a heavily-reworked visual asset bundle which will completely change the look of various areas in the game. The Jovian Concord takes the Jupiter tileset (AKA ‘Gas City’) and creates an entirely new look for it.

This new visual style also redesigns aspects of the level design to bring a new level of verticality to levels using these assets. The Jupiter tileset will now allow players to take advantage of the running and jumping integral to the parkour-style movement of the game and reach literal new heights. Level layouts have also been tweaked to make moving through levels a new experience for more seasoned players.

And alongside the new batch of other content, developer Digital Extremes is introducing another new frame for players to blast around space and time with. Say hello to Wisp, a fast-moving summoner with the ability to weaponize some very whimsical and often confusing abilities. Wisp has some interesting new abilites, all of which tie into her name and the theme of her character being a weird mix of forest creature and mystical space ninja. By the way, this is the 40th addition to the game’s roster.

Here are Wisp’s new abilities:

  • RESERVOIRS: Choose and summon a Reservoir filled with Motes that attach to and aid Wisp and her allies. Haste Mote grants increased movement and attack speed. Vitality Mote increases maximum health and heals over time. Shock Mote stuns nearby enemies.
  • WIL-O-WISP:Cast forward a spectral image of Wisp to confuse and distract enemies. Reactivate to travel to its position. Hold to have the image travel faster and teleport to its position on release.
  • BREACH SURGE: Open a dimensional breach to overwhelm nearby enemies and cause them to release aggressive Surge sparks when damaged.
  • SOL GATE: Open a portal to the sun to irradiate enemies with a devastating beam of pure solar plasma.

Here’s a trailer showing off the new addition to the roster in Warframe. And yes, you’ll be able to take advantage of the huge amount of customization present in the game to tweak her look any way you like.

Warframe is out now for PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Switch. Expect the newest update to drop before the end of May 2019.

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