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Army of Mango Alliance Disbands; Ranger Regiment Forced Out

EVE Online July 2018 Patch

The ongoing fallout from the Goonswarm and Imperium victory in Delve is somehow still being felt in EVE Online. Imperium forces managed to outlast the combined assault by their collected enemies over the last couple of years, securing their position in the southwest of New Eden. The resulting collapse of multiple power blocs was pretty messy.

And today, it just got even more chaotic. Smaller alliances have tried to grab power in the regions of New Eden, to varying degrees of success. And the latest news isn’t good, at least for the alliances affected. Army of Mango Alliance has been disbanded, and their allies in Ranger Regiment have been forced out of the Imperium Coalition.

A Simmering Conflict

For some time now, various powers have been attacking space in the eastern part of NullSec. Since the collapse of Legacy Coalition, a new group of alliances swarmed in to try and take space in the various regions of Esoteria and Feythabolis to the south; with skirmishing around Insmother and Wicked Creek as well. The conflict saw the remnants of various Russian groups brawling with Army of Mango and their various allies. The northern side of the conflict sees RED Alliance trying to fend off increasing attacks by TEST.

Army of Mango tried to create a new powerbloc in the Pan-Intergalactic Business Community (PIBC) Coalition. However, the collapse of Evictus lost them crucial numbers, and various smaller alliances have swarmed in on both sides of the conflict. Imperium, FI.RE Coalition and assorted non-aligned groups have been fighting for weeks now.

Chinese Civil War

Army of Mango is one of the alliances that led the exodus from the EVE Online Serenity server, the version of the game in China. The proliferation of stagnant conflict and botting had all but killed the game, and players migrated to Tranquility, the main server. This is how Fraternity, Ranger Regiment and Army of Mango came to be.

With this dissolving, the war between PIBC and Fraternity looks like it might be on lock for Fraternity. The Chinese-led group has become pretty infamous for this massive expansion across the EVE map. They have consolidated power in various regions, and then turned their attention to the Russian homeland of Stain and Esoteria. This led to conflict between the two groups, which saw Fraternity winning more often than not. Though a recent major battle over a key system in Esoteria came out in favor of PIBC and the Imperium.

And it would appear that this collapse was a very sudden development. Primary sources of information remain light, but from what we can gather, this is a very chaotic and messy outcome. For whatever reason, many of the leadership within AoM and other allied groups have decided they would rather abandon NullSec than fight a sov war against Fraternity. Thousands of pilots now have to find a new home.

The End?

The Imperium reacted quite poorly, as they really don’t like having to clean up the mess. This collapse poses a major problem for the coalition in having to defend their borders against inevitable encroachment by Fraternity. AoM held sovereignty over parts of three regions, and now only disparate Russian groups and a handful of smaller alliances hold the space. Though the remaining powers in the area will likely try to broker peace with invaders, this could lead to another extension of the Fraternity rental empire that already dominates NullSec.

And that’s a problem. The consolidation of power in bot-dominated rental space was part of what killed Serenity.

EVE Online Sov

The state of Serenity in 2018

The outcome of the closure of the alliance will see most member corps folding into other alliances. Most notably, many corps are headed to Imperium associate, Ranger Regiment. This is being viewed as a direct attack on the Imperium in a way, with their leadership pushing out the group. The response has said that they will not allow Ranger Regiment to simply inject AoM leadership into a position of power in the Imperium.

Leader of the Imperium, The Mittani, responded with the following on the Imperium’s own news site:

“If AOM wished to keep their plan to infiltrate RR while keeping their command structure and leadership team intact a secret, they shouldn’t have blurted it out in front of the Black Hand, who are a comprehensively multilingual espionage agency and immediately made me aware of the ‘clever’ plan AOM hoped to pull. I wish AOM and Ranger Regiment the very best of luck in their future endeavors.”

The gist of the plan the Imperium has put forward will force Ranger Regiment out of the Imperium. What impact this could have on the power balance in NullSec is hard to say, but the Imperium is angry.

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