How to get Ostrich in Stardew Valley

How to build a silo in Stardew Valley

In Stardew Valley’s 1.5 update, there’s a brand new area that has a ton of potential. The game has a new endgame grind with some very rare items. And of course, you can also get plenty of new items. You can get new livestock as well with various new animals. You can also brew some pretty awesome beer as well. Another new feature, aside from really useful stuff like the Fairy Dust, is all the new livestock.

One of these many new additions is the inclusion of Ostrich in Stardew Valley. The flightless birds are a big part of the new update, which added the new Ginger Island. The volcanic area has a bunch of other new adventures to undertake as well. For now though, let’s talk about the new birds. You can get through this island and complete various quests first, before you unlock the Ostriches, like finding Professor Snail.

You will need to do these things first before you can unlock Ostrich in Stardew Valley. That’s because you need to get to the endgame. To unlock the Ostrich Incubator recipe, which you need to farm the birds, you must complete the entire collection offered by the professor.

Once you have the recipe you need to build the Ostrich Incubator for your farm.

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How to build the Ostrich Incubator

  • 50x Hardwood
  • 50x Bone Fragment
  • 20x Cindershard

You can build one incubator with the above recipe and place it inside your barn. Once the item is placed inside your barn, you need an Ostrich Egg. You will need to find one through other means than just buying it outright at first. It can most often be obtained by solving Journal Scrap #10 on Ginger Island. It is also obtainable as a random drop from the chests in the Volcano areas on any level.

Once you have an Egg, place it inside that shiny new incubator, and wait 12 days. You can then hatch more Ostrich and begin to pump out tons of Eggs. The operation for farming Eggs grows pretty quickly from just one. One Ostrich Egg makes 10x Mayonaise, which can be sold for a nice profit.

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