All difficulty options in Wasteland 3, explained

difficulty options in Wasteland 3

Wasteland 3 is the latest entry in inXile Entertainment’s RPG series, and it’s not a simple tactical strategy title. If you’re coming into the game from other entries in the franchise you should aim for a higher option. The newer players have some choices as well. The difficulty options in Wasteland 3 are very much varied, and you have a lot of choice and customization to get. So if you want to get into the game with a bigger challenge, you have a few options.

And if you’re looking for a challenge, you’re obviously going to go for a higher-end option out of these selections. Wasteland 3 comes equipped with four difficulty options. Each one relates to a different difficulty setting — easy, normal, hard, and extreme — and each one has modifiers placed on the player and the CPU-controlled opponents. The options are:

  • Rookie (easy mode) – The story-driven mode is all about just getting through the game. Very easy to overcome even for genre noobies.
  • Wastelander (normal mode) – This is the default option. For new and returning players, this is how the game was meant to be played.
  • Ranger (hard mode) – The first real option for pros in the franchise or genre. This is what you would choose if you want to jump into the deep end.
  • Supreme Jerk (extreme mode) – Wasteland 3’s nightmare mode. This is for the masochist gamer, no one should run this as their first run through Wasteland 3.

Each set has its own toggles as well. Ranger and Supreme Jerk modes come with friendly fire automatically enabled, which will make choosing your shots much more important, so keep that in mind. Lower difficulty options in Wasteland 3 have the option to toggle such options on or off as well.


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