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Path of Exile showcases more hideouts and microtransactions

Path of Exile Blight Expansion Announced

Path of Exile has been pretty active these last few weeks. With the upcoming launch of the next expansion, the fanbase is partially focused on the future, but the players can still get excited about Blight League and more current news. The announcement of a fanart competition for Path of Exile fans, which was a great call by GGG, gave these same fans something new to play with. But this doesn’t even touch one of the more consistent sources of player creativity in Path of Exile, this outlet is of course the Hideout system. These hideouts were shown off in yet another showcase video from GGG, compiling together a bunch of the more interesting constructions in one place. The official forum also has a section dedicated to this, you should check that out as well if you’re interested.

Of course, as is seemingly custom for Grinding Gear Games, And speaking of microtransactions, GGG also teased some new ones that are coming to the cash shop. There are some new microtransaction effects that joined the growing legions of MTX effects this week, like that of the Sunprism weapon effect and the Celestial Steam Powered Portal. The melding of the Celestial set and the much older Steampunk theme from other MTX effects is interesting, giving players more cosmetic options. I hope GGG keeps this trend up and brings more older sets back into the forefront.

No news for Path of Exile 3.9 this time though, sadly. So far we know very little about this expansion, with the reveal set to happen in a few weeks. We will just have to wait and see.

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