How many pets can you own in BitLife?

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There’s a limit to what you can do without paying for the game in BitLife. This is intentional on the part of developers to encourage players to buy the premium version of the app. The things you’re limited by vary a lot, and one of them is how many pets you can own in BitLife. The number of pets is capped at four for some players, but not all. Those who buy the premium version, known as the Bitizen upgrade, get an unlimited number of pets. In total non-Bitizen players can have up to four pets in BitLife.

How many pets can you own in BitLife?

Like was mentioned above, the limit is four for basic players, and there’s one more thing to consider if you do buy the premium upgrade. The biggest concern for upgraded gamers is that there’s still a restriction. For pets, there’s no limit for Bitizens beyond living space.

So that means you need a bigger house if you want more pets.  Some houses have upwards of 15 rooms or more, which means you could have 15 cats if you really wanted to. You will need to buy a mansion or palace with a lot of rooms to get more than a few pets. Each pet needs a room of its own, or at least it seems that way. You can view the number of rooms in a house when buying it, or by clicking on it in the Assets tab.

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Also, if you’re married in-game, be careful buying too many pets. Some spouses hate having too many pets. You can get into arguments if you adopt or buy too many pets, even leading to a divorce. So when you get the argument event, try to cool it on getting more pets.

The variety of pets you can own in BitLife is also somewhat limited, although not in a very obvious way. You can go buy any pets you want, but the ways to get them are dependent on RNG. The non-Bitizen players are limited to the randomized pets found in the basic pet stores, under the Go Shopping menu. Upgraded app owners get access to various breeders that specialize in specific pets. This is helpful for challenges where you need to own a very specific type of pet. You can also visit the animal shelter in Activities tab and try to adopt a pet there as well, if you don’t find what you want from the pet shops.

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