How to farm Glacial Starwort in Destiny 2

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Glacial Starwort in Destiny 2 is a planetary resource used for a few different things. It was added in the newest expansion and has a few uses. The item can be exchanged for other resources. it’s a good token to collect if you’re the completionist and want some more resources. You need Glacial Starwort to purchase certain items from vendors too, so it’s pretty good. Here are the best ways to farm Glacial Starwort in Destiny 2.

Variks who gives out Europa bounties is the best way to get these items. Glacial Starwort can drop from a variety of bounties, and the list refreshes all the time. The bounty NPC can be found on Europa in the same place each time. Variks stays in Charon’s Crossing on Europa. He offers various Empire Hunts, assignments, and bounties.

These quests will also get you some Spinmetal Leaves and other resources, so feel free to farm consistently. There are a variety of mission types as well, so it’s not too boring. You can get XP for your abilities and the Season Pass as well, so it’s pretty useful for grinding out the new content.

Farming Tips

Here are some basic tips to keep in mind while farming for the resource.

Use your Ghost perks

The Ghost has a variety of perk options you can use. If you Masterwork your Ghost Shell you will unlock a certain perk that can highlight chests and resource drops for you. Both chests and resources nodes can show you where to find drops. You can get some Glacial Starwort per chest, so it’s a better idea to hit up the chests over the nodes. The nodes can give you a few more items as well, just to speed up farming. You can also boost the resources dropped from nodes up to two. And finally, if you combine this with Combo mods you can get both chests and resource nodes highlighted.

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Combine the methods

Patrols are good for a few of these items as well. You get a few planetary resources, and there’s a chance to get this item each time you complete one.

Patrols and other public events in the region will also have Glacial Starwort sometimes, so be sure to grab those when you’re out doing bounties. Speeding up farming by combining each of the mission types together can easily gather dozens of the items per run, vastly reducing the time needed to farm.

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