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Warframe – What is Baro Ki’Teer selling March 27, 2020

Baro Ki'Teer Warframe

If you’re a newer player, you might have heard of Baro Ki’Teer in Waframe. Baro Ki’Teer shows up somewhere on the Star Chart every two weeks, bringing a new load of goods to sell for Ducats. These items run the gamut from rare mods and weapons to cosmetic items that are only available during this time when Baro has them in stock.

All his prices are for two currencies, Credits and Ducats. You can get Ducats by selling Prime parts at any of the Ducat Kiosks on the Relays. The rarer the part, the more Ducats you will get. If you want a more thorough guide, here’s how to get Ducats in Warframe. Baro only sticks around for two days before disappearing for another two weeks, so get moving if these items are something you want.

If you’re a brand new player though, focus on completing your Star Chart and getting better Warframes, you can always buy these items from other players for Platinum later in many cases.

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What is Baro Ki’Teer Selling This Week?

You can find Baro Ki’Teer at the Orcus Relay on Pluto with the following items in stock:

Item Ducats Credits
Split Flights 300 200000
Thermite Rounds 300 150000
Scattering Inferno 300 150000
Primed Cryo Rounds 350 110000
Primed Fever Strike 350 200000
Ki’Teer Foros Shoulder Plates 310 100000
Ki’Teer Foros Chest Plate 175 200000
Ki’Teer Foros Leg Plates 225 150000
Mara Detron 500 200000
Prisma Grakata 610 100000
Prisma Twin Gremlins 500 250000
Ki’Teer Sugatra 250 250000
Ki’Teer Solo Earpiece 250 200000
Paracesis Elixis Skin 350 350000
Opticor Elixis Skin 325 250000
Odonata Elixis Skin 350 250000
Inaros Tomb Scene 325 175000
Ki’Teer Razza Synadana 400 350000
Ki’Teer Kubrow Armor 500 250000
Ki’Teer Palette 150 300000
Ki’Teer Atmos Mask 500 400000
10x Ki’Teer Firworks 50 100000
Tenno Kindred Rug 225 100000
Sands Of Inaros Blueprint 100 25000

What Should you Buy?

Baro’s stocks this week have some real winners. The cosmetic items are entirely up to you, but there are a couple that I would say you want to grab if you can get them. Most of the MR fodder like the Prisma weapons are mostly down to taste, they’re not strong enough to focus on getting all on their own.

Thermite Rounds and Scattering Inferno are a couple of good examples of high-end mods in the pool this week that you may want to focus on. Split Flights is a must-have for any Ivara or stealth-focused player. The major buff to Bow damage is a great option for any player in that style.

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