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Monster Hunter World Gets New Screenshots and Gameplay


Capcom released a large back of screenshots of its upcoming mainline Monster Hunter game Monster Hunter World.

The screenshots showcase quite a few elements of the game. First of all, we get to see another look at the character creation, and the customization of the palico partner. Our own customized character will appear in cutscenes during the course of the game.

A bit more detail is also shown of the special hunter mantles that confer specific bonuses. Some mantles allow for a hunter to be more stealthy, or have more overall stamina, another one lets players engage taunts that can lure prey into specific areas for the purposes of ambushing or trapping them.

Some of the screenshots show off the forge at the village of Astella. By using materials and currency it’s possible to strengthen your equipment following a chosen route. It’s also possible to reset the improvements, which actually gives back the materials.

Players can also save a list of armor or items into a “wishlist”. This will allow you to keep track of items you want to craft or enhance and expedite the process once you have the necessary components.

Armor can be upgraded with special active skills, and stacking the same skill on multiple armor pieces will improve the overall effect of that skill. Armor will also grant set bonuses when wearing a full set of that style.

Interestingly, armor has been unified, and you can wear all sets regardless if you’re using a melee weapon or a ranged weapon, even if different damage reduction bonuses will be applied depending on whether your weapon belongs to one type or the other.

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The village also includes a tavern where eating a meal can provide buffs. Meals can also be eaten at your base camp. The effects vary depending on the ingredients used. You can either manually select them, or prepare set meals depending on the effect you want. The player can also process the materials gathered during hunts into rare special ingredients for high-end crafting.

The footage and screenshots also show more about the palico that inhabit Monster Hunter World. These feline friends can negotiate with some species of monsters. This can allow the player to enlist the help of other monsters in tracking and fighting big prey. Palico companions can also get custom armor too.

Below you’ll find videos touring the city of Astella, tons of hunting gameplay and aspects crafting and character creation.

On top of the screenshots, that you can enjoy at the bottom of the post, there is also a recording of the stage event by Sony Interactive Entertainment at Tokyo Game Show, showing more hunting in the Wildspire Waste.

The game will launch worldwide on January 26th, for PS4 and Xbox One, with a PC release coming later at an undisclosed date.


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