How to complete the Land, Sea, and Air Challenge in BitLife

How to complete the Land, Sea, and Air Challenge in BitLife

The Land, Sea, and Air Challenge in BitLife is the new challenge for the week of June 5. 2021. CandyWriter loves to drop these absurd challenges on players. Completing them will earn players an accolade of a special badge on their profile, so hardcore fans might want to rush out and get this one done.

This whole challenge is very expensive, as you need to spend $3 million collectively on expensive cars, boats and aircraft. Being born to royalty is a good way to get this done, you could also marry into a rich family if you’re lucky. To get this challenge faster, just keep creating characters until you can get one that’s born into it. That makes the grind much faster. Once you have that set, you’re ready to go.

Here is a complete list of all the required steps for the Land, Sea, and Air Challenge in BitLife:

  • Assemble a car collection worth $1 million
  • Assemble a watercraft collection worth $1 million
  • Assemble a aircraft collection worth $1 million
  • Survive a dangerous encounter in one of your boats and planes

You will also need to learn how to swim to complete this challenge, but that’s just one of many tasks. Once that’s done, and you should get that done early in life, it’s time to focus on the various licenses that you need. You will need to have a boating license to buy a boat. And yes, that means you also need a good job or source of cash to pull this all off. After that, you also need to get a pilot’s license. You could potentially get the pilot’s license and get a job as a pilot. That is a pretty good source of cash. The boating test will have you answering a question, and the pilot’s test is very similar. Just get the question answers from our guides and knock it out.

Getting a bunch of supercars that cost several hundred thousand dollars is a good bet here. That should be your first goal once you turn 16, get as many cars as you can. Go to the Assets screen and go shopping. Check out the Car Dealership and grab the cars with the highest price tags. You don’t even have to maintain them, as long as the collection collectively maintains $1 million in value. The value can go down, so keep an eye on that. You could also just buy a new car to prop up the value if it gets low. But that strategy only works if you have buckets of cash.

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Do the same thing with boats and planes. Keep in mind that you need to get both the boating and pilot licenses to buy these. The boats can be seen from the Marina and taken out from there as well to go onto the next step. Just complete the tests and go buy the boats and the planes at the same time from the dealer. Then get ready to go out on the open water.

Getting through danger

The dangerous, and tricky part of the Land, Sea, and Air Challenge in BitLife is that you need to survive a dangerous encounter in one of your boats and planes. So after you’ve bought all the toys, make heavy use of them. Random events will happen from time to time, that’s key here. You need to get very lucky when flying around. You will sometimes have random events that can kill you. That’s the tricky part here, as you need to survive the bad thing. These events can happen out of nowhere, so keep your eyes peeled.

A dangerous encounter triggers randomly whenever your BitLife character is out and about, but for this challenge, it needs to happen on your boat or plane. If you’re looking to trigger the dangerous encounter for the Land, Sea, & Air Challenge in BitLife, there’s no set way. Just keep taking your boat out and hope you get the event to spawn.

A good way to make sure your character survives a dangerous encounter on a boat is to have your character learn how to swim. That’s why you want to learn that skill early in life.

Basically, you need to know how to swim, and then take your boat out for a tour. If you get unlucky, a dangerous encounter can occur. You then have to hope that your chances are good and you can make it out alive. The odds are entirely random, so being able to swim isn’t a guarantee, it just seems to improve your odds.

Now that the dangerous part is out of the way, you will have finished the Land, Sea, and Air Challenge in BitLife.

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