How to set up a solo public lobby in Grand Theft Auto Online

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With changes coming to GTA Online all the time, sometimes you just want to experiment. And with all the new content being added, sometimes Rockstar wants players to join in the chaos that is public lobbies. These are open games that anyone can join at any time. Normally, public lobbies are full of people. This can be great if you don’t have any friends who are still playing GTA V, and just want to have some fun.

With that being said, the downside to playing Grand Theft Auto Online is that it can be pure bedlam. If you go online and play with anyone, the odds of getting afflicted with hackers and griefers goes up significantly. That can certainly ruin your play experience.  If you want to avoid that for some reason, join a solo public lobby in Grand Theft Auto Online. Here’s how to about doing that.

How to set up a solo public lobby in Grand Theft Auto Online

Since platforms are separated by PC and console, it’s important to choose the method that works for your chosen platform. However, the basic premise for executing this trick will remain the same. The basic idea is to cut your internet connection at the right time while you’re inside a building instance that you own. This can be a garage, office, clubhouse, whatever.

The first step is to put yourself into a public lobby and enter a building that you own. From there, you need to do some specific steps for your platform to get into a solo public lobby in Grand Theft Auto Online.


This will apply to Windows only, as that’s the native version of the game right now outside consoles.  After you have entered the owned building, Alt-Tab out of the game and open Task Manager. Select Performance, then Open Resource Monitor. Right-click on GTA5.exe and select Suspend Process. After a couple of seconds, right-click it again and choose Resume Process. Timing is a bit tricky, but if done right, you should be able to leave your building and load into a suspended instance of GTA Online.

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PlayStation or Xbox

If you play Grand Theft Auto Online on either a PlayStation or Xbox, you need to have a wired connection to make this easier. It can be done with WiFi, but it’s much harder to get the timing right. You need to cut the connection to your console just long enough so that you can be inside the building and exit before the GTA Online servers kick you off for disconnecting. This can happen pretty quickly, so it’s best to use a wired connection that you can simply unplug and reconnect for this trick to work.

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