How to learn how to swim in BitLife

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With the new Titanic Challenge this week, players are living out the life of the iconic movie character, Rose, in many different ways. And unlike her character in the film, players in the BitLife world are going to need to know how to swim. We’re not stuck in the strange and antiquated early 20th century anymore. One of the parts of the challenge involves learning how to swim. Here’s the fastest way to learn how to swim.

How to learn how to swim in BitLife

The fastest way to learn how to swim in the mobile game is to join the swim team at your School.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind. Having high Body stats is good, as you need to be healthy to be able to compete, and even make the team. Go on plenty of runs or walks in the Activities section to keep these stats high. You will have the option of the Swim Club appear around Middle School, so pretty early in school.

If you don’t get in the first time you try, age up, and try again in High School. In the meantime, be sure to keep working out and keeping your stats high. Also, be sure to study plenty as well. You will need a very good job when you are trying to complete the challenge this week, and that means needing good grades.

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When you join the team, regardless of when, you immediately learn how to swim. There you’re done.

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