How to become a Vet in BitLife

How to become a CEO in BItLife

The Dr. Dolittle Challenge in BitLife is the latest of the newest challenges for players to conquer. Part of this challenge will come from trying to become a veterinary doctor. You need to do this to get through the challenge.  There’s a lot of schooling ahead, as you need to earn the right education to become a Veterinarian in BitLife. The process takes time, and is a bit reliant on luck. In this guide, we’ll show you how to become a vet in BitLife.

How to Become a Veterinarian  in BitLife

Here are the steps to becoming a Veterinarian in BitLife:

  • Graduate from High School with good grades
  • Attend University and major in Biology or Chemistry
  • Apply to Veterinary School
  • Get a job at a Veterinary Clinic

Going through High School and your other parts of the education must be done with discipline. To help your grades, make sure to read books and consistently increase their grades by Studying Hard.

The biggest part of this is all about getting through school and maximizing your Brains. From a very young age, you always want to be studying and reading. You will want to focus on getting good grades as you get through primary education. As you go through school you want to make sure you get very good grades and have a major in either Biology or Chemistry. Sometimes though, the major you want might not show up. If that happens, restart the app and age up to trigger a new set of listings.

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You then need to go to Veterinary School, which is your graduate program. The biggest problem is that it’s very expensive. The fastest way to get past this is to either get a loan or ask your parents. If you get rejected for either option, restart the game and try again.

When you have made it through grad school, check the Occupations tab and look for a listing for a Veterinary Clinic. Choose any job at the clinic, but keep in mind that they will differ based on your education and skills. Most often, you will find either Jr. Veterinarian or a regular Veterinarian. Pick one and get to work.

There, you’re done and you have successfully become a Veterinarian.

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