How to unlock artifact pieces in Apex Legends

Apex Legends Season 5

Season 5 of Apex Legends brought a bunch of new content to the game. Players have been having fun with Loba the new hero, but Respawn also introduced a variety of new content beyond an expanded roster. The story for Loba also introduced a bunch of new content surrounding a mysterious artifact, something that the players have to help her collect by gathering artifact pieces in Apex Legends.

The artifact pieces in Apex Legends can be gotten throughout the run of Season 5, there’s a trick to it though. There are nine in total and you need to open Treasure Packs to find them. The packs are usually scattered all around the map, and are sometimes hard to find. They spawn randomly within any loot crates from around the map. The Treasure Packs themselves are smaller golden boxes that have a small golden light beam, they’re pretty hard to miss.

The Treasure packs are associated with weekly goals, with each one tied to gaining one of the nine artifact pieces each week. These goals are also tied to PvE Hunts that unlock and that you have to fulfill certain conditions to complete. Once you pick up a Treasure Pack it will make progress towards the current goal. The developers have set out a variety of goals for finding various treasures packs, with each goal associated with finding a particular number of packs. Problem is, you can only unlock on per day.

After you unlock your Treasure Pack for the day, you won’t be able to unlock another until the 24-hour timer restarts. The start of every new day in Apex Legends occurs at 12:00 EST.

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The overall story of the event, with the Hunts included, revolves around these artifacts, so if you want to really know what’s going on, you will need to find all nine artifact pieces in Apex Legends.

Keep in mind that the number of Treasure Packs you need to collect will increase each week while the event is running. Here is the weekly Treasure Pack requirement for The Broken Ghost:

  • Week 1: 1 Treasure Pack
  • Week 2: 4 Treasure Packs
  • Week 3: 9 Treasure Packs
  • Week 4: 14 Treasure Packs
  • Week 5: 19 Treasure Packs
  • Week 6: 24 Treasure Packs
  • Week 7: 29 Treasure Packs
  • Week 8: 34 Treasure Packs
  • Week 9: 39 Treasure Packs
  • Week 10: 44 Treasure Packs

Every week Respawn adds in a new phase of the Hunts in Apex Legends. After you unlock that weekly phase, a new story bit will be revealed. This week is the first week of the months-long event, so it’s a basic bit of filler story that takes the form of a text entry. Unlocking each chapter within the story will also reward the player with a new weapon charm and a piece of the artifact.

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