How to complete the Dr. Dolittle Challenge in BitLife

How to complete the Dr. Dolittle Challenge in BitLife

We’re back for another new challenge this weekend in CandyWriter’s mobile sim BitLife. The Dr. Dolittle Challenge in BitLife is the latest of the newest challenges for players to conquer. The new challenge is all based on the classic film, which was remade by the later Eddie Murphy films. The challenge is a lot simpler than the films, you just need to be a vet and have tons of pets.

How to complete the Dr. Dolittle Challenge in BitLife

This challenge involves a lot of work and randomness. You need to become a vet and then get a ton of pets. In specifics, here’s what you need to do to complete the challenge:

  • Become a veterinarian
  • Live on a farm, ranch, or acreage
  • Have 10+ pets
  • Have a perfect relationship with your pets, and not have them get sick

Becoming a vet is the longest part of all this, as you need to go through a fair few steps. You need to get through High School and College, focusing on Biology as your first degree. Once you get the Grad School you can study to become a vet. It’s a very involved process, as you need to focus on keeping your studies on point. You need to have some incredibly high Brain stats and focus on getting into College and Grad School.

The basic premise is that you get the highest intelligence stats and get into University. And from there, you want to go for either a Chemistry or Biology degree. Get through that and earn your first degree. Now it’s time to get the Graduate degree that will actually let you become a vet. You need to get into the Vet School under education, and that comes after you earn your basic degree.

When you have made it through grad school, check the Occupations tab and look for a listing for a Veterinary Clinic. Choose any job at the clinic, but keep in mind that they will differ based on your education and skills. Most often, you will find either Jr. Veterinarian or regular Veterinarian. Pick one and get to work.

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Now you want to get a piece of land like a farm or ranch. Check Go Shopping on the Assets tab and you can find land for sale. The land you want should be listed as a farm, a ranch, or an acreage. If you don’t get the option you want, restart the app and try again. The next step to complete the Dr. Dolittle Challenge in BitLife is all about your pets.

Go through the Assets tab and check out the pet options, You need 10 or more of them in your life to satisfy the challenge. Once you get the pets, spend time with them all. As you play with them, wash them and take care of them, your relationship improves. Once you get through this process with all 10 or more pets, you’re basically done. There is some RNG involved as you need to not have any of those pets be sick to complete the challenge.

One of the things you can do is get pets that live longer. Dogs live about 10 years in the game. and it might be hard to get 10 perfect per relationships during that time. You don’t want to have pets die before you can get them done.

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