How to get called up in MLB The Show 20: Road to the Show

MLB The Show 20

The allure of the game and its storied legacy is a huge part of why people love baseball. And with MLB The Show 20, Sony has made a major effort to help players get the most fun out of the main licensed baseball title this year. A big part of the draw is the newly reworked Road to the Show mode, that is basically a story-driven career mode.

With the recent 1.05 patch to the game mode, there have been some tweaks, but it appears that the general tips we’re about to lay out apply in the update as well, as the core gameplay mechanics are still in place. with that said, here are some basic tips to help you get called up in MLB The Show 20: Road to the Show.

Get Better

Building your player as you work your way through the minor leagues is a big part of Road to the Show. Getting your build dialed in and playing the game style you want to play is really fun, but you have to constantly train and improve to get there. Raising your stats by playing well in games is a big part of it, but you should also be training between games as well to keep progressing.

Don’t stress too much about regressing in games, but if you notice it becoming a pattern, you will need to deal with it. To keep all your stats at a pro level, you may need to play more conservatively. Some players make the mistake of trying to hit every pitch, this is going to hurt your batting average and the ratings for clutch batting will take a hit. Learn how the pros think about batting strategy if you want to play with them.

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Play Your Role

The way your character is designed plays a big part in how successful they are throughout their career. If you designed a pinch hitter meant for driving runs at key moments, you’re not going to play as well if you’re aiming for home runs every time. Taking a hit that can get an on-base, if that’s what you’re meant to do, will both increase your stats and help teams find more appeal in signing you.

The various at-bat challenges that play to your strengths are also a great way to build up your stats. As you learn to play the game you should be getting more confident, become a better player, and take on those at-bat challenges, to help grow your stats and prestige.

Be Friendly

Getting along with teammates helps both on and off the field. Every so often you will have to converse with teammates and staff in the downtime between games. If you want to get called up to the majors, try to develop a reputation for both being a team player and being a helpful friend. MLB The Show 20 will penalize you if you develop an attitude for being too cocky or sarcastic. If you don’t take your time in the minors seriously, major teams won’t take you seriously and you will get passed over.

Your interactions with coaches should be approached in the same manner as with your teammates. Keep in mind that the staff is there to help you develop, so if a coach gives you some advice on taking a new direction, take it.

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