Guide to flashbacks in F1 2020

Guide to flashbacks in F1 2020

With racing games becoming more and more prominent, there’s an increased need for realism among fans. And with F1 2020 Codemasters has pumped a lot more fuel into the engine and pushed the machine into a more focused and tuned mode. The new game in the perennial racing franchise expands on older mechanics, with a fully fleshed-out career mode being a big part of this year’s game. F1 2020 also brings back the Flashbacks feature from previous years. Flashbacks in F1 2020 are used to undo mistakes, something that’s very useful for the novice driver. So how do you use them effectively?

The Flashbacks in F1 2020 are like an active instant replay. Rather than just showing you the action, they let the player rewind time a bit to redo some area of the race that you messed up with. The game will allot the player a certain amount of these per race, and some gameplay modes restrict the system a fair bit.

When you’re looking to use the Flashbacks in F1 2020, just pause the game and select the Instant Replay option. The game will load the last 10 seconds of footage for the race, allowing the player to run back the clock a bit. Run back the footage until you find the place you want to start back from, and press the Square/X/F1 button to begin the sequence again.

The flashback option can be used in practice sessions and modes outside of the online modes. Ther are some other restrictions as well, like if you use a flashback in the Time Trial mode, it will invalidate your lap time. But if you’re running Qualifying and want to undo a spinout, you have that option with this helpful tool. Of course, if you choose not to use it, that’s cool too.

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