Turkey Day Recipes and Ingredients in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Turkey Day Recipes and DIY Recipes in ACNH

The master chef Franklin is on hand to cook a stellar meal for your island, He will need help making the various Turkey Day Recipes, which means you need to collect some special ingredients. Here are the recipes you need to cook and how to get the ingredients.

What are the Turkey Day Recipes?

  • Clam Chowder
  • Pumpkin Pie
  • Gratin
  • Fish Meuniere

There are also four special versions of each recipe. You need to bring a rare ingredient to Franklin after completing the basic versions of the recipes. Each one will require a unique set of ingredients, and will sparkle when finished. Doing both stages is how you actually complete the event.

Getting the ingredients for Franklin’s recipes

During Turkey Day, you can find Franklin in the village plaza along with most of your other villagers. He will talk about cooking some good food, but he needs some help. Getting the ingredients involves either finding them around the island or trading for them. If there’s a villager not in the plaza, go by their house. They will be cooking away in adorable little chef outfits. You can trade them various ingredients for other random rewards. So if you can’t catch a certain item or need to find an ingredient, try trading extras of items you don’t need to your villagers. I got the Dungeness crab that I couldn’t seem to find out in the sea from one of my villagers this way.

Getting the ingredients for the Special recipes is a bit trickier. There are four ingredients you need, although there is a degree of randomness involved. You will want to complete both stages though, as it’s the only way to get the decoration items and the DIY Recipes bundle during the event. You can also trade for any of the special ingredients as well.

Clam Chowder

The first item requires you to go out and bring Franklin three manila clams. You can pull these out of the sand, look for the water spouts, with your shovel; or you can also just grab some from your storage if you have extras. The first iteration of the Clam Chowder will be handed out to everyone and you will get the Turkey Day rug.

Special Version: Bring a Scallop to Franklin after completing the first recipe.

Pumpkin Pie

Franklin will then want to cook a Pumpkin Pie, a staple of the American holiday. He will as you to bring him two Orange Pumpkins, and one of a random color. If you’re like me and still have a Pumpkin patch setup from Halloween, this is really easy to accomplish. You will get the Turkey Day wallpaper from Franklin in exchange for completing the basic version.

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Special Version: Bring a Random color pumpkin to Franklin after completing the first recipe.

Seafood Gratin

Northern Hemisphere players will need to bring a Mussel and a random mushroom. If you’re like me and have been collecting a few mushrooms a day for a while, this is very easy. Mussels can be found out in the sea, so you will need your wet suit and snorkel. You will get the Turkey Day flooring from Franklin in exchange for completing the basic version. Southern hemisphere players will need to turn in a Squid and a Sea Urchin to make the gratin. Those can be found out in the ocean via diving.

Special Version: Bring a Dungeness crab to Franklin after completing the first recipe. Dungeness crab can be found out in the sea, so you will need your wet suit and snorkel.

Fish Meunière

Players will need to catch two random fish from the following list: olive flounder, dab, or red snapper. Those in the Southern Hemisphere will need either an olive flounder or red snapper. The game is pretty lenient about spawns for fish in the event, so this isn’t too hard. The basic version being complete will earn the player a cornucopia for helping Franklin.

Special Version: Bring Barred Knifejaw to Franklin after completing the first recipe. Completing this version and the other three special variants will reward the player with the DIY Recipe bundle for the event

ACNH Turkey Day DIY Recipes and Items

Some of these items are handed over by Franklin when you complete a Recipe for him from the list above. Others are included in the DIY Recipe bundle that you get from handing in all four perfect Recipes as well. Here are all the Turkey Day DIY Recipes and Items from Franklin in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Turkey Day Item Recipe
Turkey Day Chair 5 Wood, 2 Hardwood, 2 Softwood
Turkey Day Table 10 Hardwood, 5 Softwood
Turkey Day Table Setting 4 Clay, 2 Iron Nugget
Turkey Day Garden Stand 8 Stone, 3 Clay
Turkey Day Decorations 2 Softwood, 2 Clay, 5 Weed Clumps
Turkey Day Hearth 1 Campfire, 10 Clay, 30 Stone
Turkey Day Wheat Decor 10 Weed Clumps
Turkey Day Casserole 5 Iron Nugget, 1 Clay
Turkey Day Flooring Obtained by helping Franklin
Turkey Day Wall Obtained by helping Franklin
Turkey Day Rug Obtained by helping Franklin
Cornucopia Provide four perfect ingredients to Franklin

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