How to get Necramech mods in Warframe

Necramech in Warframe

Necramechs are rather interesting as an addition in the new Heart of Deimos expansion. These giant robots are found all over the new nodes, and it’s a powerful new weapon, one which you can customize. By default, the Necramechs have 12 mod slots as a base. And just like Warframes, each mod takes up a certain number of slots depending on its individual level. You will find the mechs themselves in the game’s open-world area, the Cambion Drift.

How to get Necramech mods

To get Necramech mods, you need to destroy Necramechs in Isolation Vaults. Isolation Vaults are a Bounty mission that were added to Warframe in the Heart of Deimos update. You can get these Bounties from Mother at the Necralisk. These have different tiers to them, with three in all, and they go up in difficulty as you go up in the tier. Once you complete a certain Isolation Vault, you should return to Mother to complete the bounty. You must start with Tier 1 and then return to Mother to move up to the next Tier.

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The actual Necramechs and the Necramech mods are random spawns and drops respectively. Here’s how the system works for the Vaults:

  • Tier 1 – 1 Necramech
  • Tier 2 – 2 Necramechs
  • Tier 3 – 3 Necramechs

Necramech Mods

The Necramech Mods are basically mostly just versions of the basic Warframe mods for the giant stompy robot. They’re pretty intuitive if you have played the game before, as they mostly boost offense or defense in some way. You can find the full list of mods down below.

  • Necramech Blitz
  • Necramech Continuity
  • Necramech Deflection
  • Necramech Fury
  • Necramech Hydraulics
  • Necramech Intensify
  • Necramech Pressure Point
  • Necramech Reach
  • Necramech Refuel
  • Necramech Seismic Wave
  • Necramech Slipstream
  • Necramech Steel Fiber
  • Necramech Streamline
  • Necramech Stretch
  • Necramech Thrusters
  • Necramech Vitality
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