Where to catch all 40 fish in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5

All 40 NPC locations in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5

Yes, you read that title right, there are fish in Fortnite now. The advent of CHapter 2 Season 5 has brought out the weird stuff. Bounty hunters have gathered from all over to fight back against the Zero Point incident, and now the fish have shown up for some reason. And just like the 40 NPCs all over the map handing out bounties, there are 40 fish handing out various boons.

The fish will have a few requirements when it comes to catching them. Some of them have to be caught with the Pro Fishing Rod. Others only spawn within certain biomes on the map. Although some fish can be found anywhere, most of the rarest ones are really useful. The fish are basically tools with one-use effects, such as the Slurp Jellyfish, which instantly applies health and shields to nearby players. Then there’s the Rift fish that’s a portable Rift-to-go. Then there’s the new Crimson Zero Fish that allows players to teleport.

Here’s where to catch all 40 fish in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5.

Where to Catch All 40 Fish in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5

Here’s where you can catch all 40 fish in Fortnite:

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Atlantic Hop Flopper Mountainous Areas (Pro Rod)
Black and Blue Shieldfish Anywhere
Black Slurpfish Coastal Areas at Night
Black Striped Shieldfish Coastal Areas
Blue Slurpfish Anywhere
Blue Smallfry Anywhere
Butterfly Rift Fish Anywhere
Chinook Hop Flopper  Swampy Areas
Chum Hop Flopper Coastal Areas
Coho Hop Flopper Forest Areas
Crimson Zero Fish Mountainous Areas
Crystal Zero Fish Anywhere
Cuddle Jellyfish Swampy Areas
Drift Spicy Fish Forest Areas
Green Shieldfish Forest Areas
Green Thermalfish Forest Areas
Green Flopper Anywhere
Light Blue Smallfry Anywhere
Molten Spicyfish Anywhere
Peely Jellyfish Mountainous Areas (Pro Rod)
Purple and Orange Thermal Fish Anywhere
Purple Jellyfish Coastal Areas
Purple Slurpfish Mountainous Areas
Purple Top Smallfry Anywhere
Raven Thermalfish Coastal Areas (Pro Rod)
Red and Green Thermal Fish Forest Areas
Silver Thermalfish Anywhere
Sky Blue Spicy Fish Coastal Areas
Slurp Jellyfish Anywhere
Southern Spicy Fish Swampy Areas
Regular Flopper-type Fish Anywhere
Tan Small Fry Anywhere
White Slurpfish Swampy Areas at Night (Pro Rod)
White Spotted Spicy fish Mountainous Areas
Yellow Slurpfish Swampy Areas
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