How to level up in Demon’s Souls

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Even if you’re a seasoned Soulsborne player, Demon’s Souls can be a little bit confusing. There are many different worlds and bosses to overcome. You also have to deal with a bunch of differing mechanics. If you’ve never played the basics might be beyond you as well. There are some key mechanics, like how to level up in Demon’s Souls that you need to know.

How to level up in Demon’s Souls

The leveling process is locked behind game progress. Players will have to get to a certain point in the story to level up in the game. You can’t start leveling up until you’ve defeated the first boss of the game. Make your way through world area, 1-1, The Boletarian Palace, and find the Phalanx Boss. You will find him through the massive castle gates and wait until he tosses a spear in your direction. This big boy is all about smashing your face in, but you should be able to overcome him. And if you’re having trouble, bring plenty of firebombs and pine resin, as the boss is weak to fire.

After defeating the boss, return to the Nexus and the Maiden in Black will direct you to head up to the Monumental upstairs. Head up and get near the small child nearby to a camera. This will trigger a short cutscene. You can now level up by returning to the hub and spending any Souls you collect on levels. Just talk to the Maiden and choose Seek Soul Power to level after this.

The actual leveling system in Demon’s Souls is identical to any prior franchise game. Any enemies you kill will drop souls, along with bosses. Players can see how many Souls they have by looking in the right-hand corner of the UI. Each level is a stat increase that costs a certain amount of Souls. Spending souls at higher levels will massively increase the cost attached.

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If you die, you’ll drop them, and need to return to the same location to grab them again.

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