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Star Citizen shows off Ares Starfighter in newest trailer

Star Citizen Ares

Here we are again, with more Star Citizen videos and news. As part of the flurry of news following CitizenCon, fans have been clamoring for more. And CIG is here to deliver, We have already seen a ton of news in the weeks following the convention, along with all the reveals from the event itself. This week though, the developers have a new ship to show. That ship is the Ares Starfighter.

Being that it’s a military craft first and foremost, it’s packing quite the punch. Having two turret hardpoints with quite the wide range of weapon options, the Ares makes for a fairly hefty and nimble heavy fighter in various applications. If you want to bomb an enemy installation or make an attack run on an enemy capital ship, the Ares can help with that.

Check it out in the new trailer down below.

New ships aren’t the only thing CIG has been working on these past few weeks though. Thanks to the reveals of CitizenCon this month, players and fans got a peek at some of that other work. To the benefit of the fans and Star Citizen as a whole, Cloud Imperium Games has been cranking away on new and revamped features. Thanks to expanded planetary and universe simulation and creation tools, dubbed Planet Tech v4 internally, teams working on the game have some new updates on planets in the game.

All these features, and the general hype around the space sim, have raised a huge amount of money from the players. As of writing, $256,152,142 has been raised in all from 2,464,857. This total is owed to a huge array of different funding initiatives. From initial crowdfunding goals and stretch goals, CIG expanded offerings a fair bit. The company sold off ships, in-game currency, and even land claims for fans of the alpha project.

If you would like to see more of Star Citizen, there’s plenty to take a gander at. If you want to see more ships, Cloud Imperium had some showcase vids, made in the style of Top Gear, that showcased in-game ship makers, like Origin Jumpworks. And speaking of ships, fans finally got a new look at the first major picket carrier added to the game, the Drake Kraken. Cloud Imperium Games even revealed a new 40-person combined arms shooter mode as an addon for Star Marine.

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