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Star Citizen reveals Drake Privateer Carrier

Star Citizen Carrier

Star Citizen has been pumping out tons of news following this year’s CitizenCon reveals. As part of this blitz of news, we’ve seen the beginning of a full free trial weekend. This was where players could take any ship from a manufacturers line for a spin for 24 hours, combined with discounts on many different ship models. Cloud Imperium Games even revealed a new 40-person combined arms shooter mode as an addon for Star Marine. Today Star Citizen developer Cloud Imperium Games showed off something new, another ship coming to the game soon. This is of course the Kraken Carrier from Drake.

Drake Interplanetary is one of the many different in-universe ship builders in Star Citizen. They join the likes of Anvil Aerospace in producing a variety of starships for a variety of different roles. Their newest design is of course a new class of Carrier being sold on the public market. It’s a 270 meter-long vessel with the capability for bringing quite the fighter compliment to bear.

Carriers were not originally part of the game’s design, only added later after Star Citizen had managed to unlock the feature via stretch goals during its initial crowdfunding run. CIG has said that multiple capital ship options could eventually be part of the game, but don’t expect them to be common. These titanic industrial and manpower investments are usually restricted to best navies of the galaxy. Just like the real world, not every backwater locale has a carrier group on standby. As such CIG, is pegging the price for these monsters of warfare pretty high.

The new ship class will sell in real world cash for $1,700, but enterprising players will eventually be able to snap up the hull for in-game Credits, so start saving now. The new Kraken is quite the beauty, check it out below.

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Star Citizen Kraken Carrier

Drake will be heading up the manufacture of a variety of new ships over the next few months as CIG pump them out. And true to form with CitizenCon this year, we get a funny new trailer pimping their craft. Check it out in the trailer below.

It does beg the question though, who is actually going to fly these things around in the final game? Maybe they will just end up being a show piece for some wealthy land owner in the release version. I certainly wouldn’t want to be a pirate caught on the wrong side of the fleet led by this monster.

The spaceports of the Star Citizen universe are the beating heart of the game. As we’ve seen in previous ATV segments, and in new footage shown at CitizenCon, these locations offer a lot more than mission hubs. The industrial and trade output of a colony or space-based installation routes through its spaceports, and thus this is where players will spend all of their time. And what better way to spend your downtime than gawking at massive capital ships.

$248,777,830 has currently been raised by CIG to support the game, as of writing. This meteoric rise in support is thanks in part to new methods of monetization by CIG, like selling planetary land claims for real cash.

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